Tandem Flight


Our Pilots are APPI (Assocition of Professional Paragliding Instructors) certified Master instructors and instructors. They have logged over thousands of flights in different flying sites in different parts of the world.


Using AAA winch system mounted on a speedboat for launching paragliders. This method is well-known and used for many years around the world to launch sail plane, handgliders and paragliders. a The pilot will then release the tow and glide back for landing on a sand bank.


A rescue boat in the vicinity at all times, in case of an unlike event of tow break or an early release for a water landing. Skyguys have third party Liability Insurance.



a slient flight

Skyguys is the pioneer recreational aviation provider in the Maldives.

The paragliding experience is a tow up to aproximately 3000 feet for a flight of about 15 to 20 minutes. Once airborne you will be able to enjoy the beautiful view of the blue lagoons, crystal clear waters and the magnificent reefs of Maldives at Eagle's eye view

Our main focus is to maintain the highest standards of safety.


Contact Details

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  • Email fly@skyguysmaldives.com